You asked: WHO issues real estate licenses in Florida quizlet?

Which of the following entities regulates real estate license law in Florida?

6. Which of the following entities issues real estate licenses? The DBPR issues and renews all licenses for all professions administered under Chapter 455, including real estate licenses.

Who appoints and confirms the director of the Division of real estate DRE )?

The Real Estate Commissioner is appointed by the Governor, and serves as the chief executive of the Department of Real Estate.

Who oversees the DRE which administers the Frec to regulate real estate in Florida?

The FREC regulates administrative matters for the real estate profession. The ______________________ oversees the DRE, which administers the FREC to regulate real estate in Florida. This authority is held by the DBPR.

Is the Florida real estate exam hard?

How Hard Is the Florida Real Estate Exam? The exam can be challenging, but it is not something that should intimidate students! We created a Florida real estate exam prep course to help students pass their first time! The first-time pass rate for the sales associate exam is between 50% to 55%.

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Where are Florida real estate Commission procedural rules established in?

Real estate law is found under Chapter 475, Part 1, Florida Statutes. The Commission is allowed to write the rules regarding real estate under these statutes, and those rules are found in Chapter 61J2, Florida Administrative Code.

How many Florida real estate Commission members participate in the final order process?

(1) There is created within the department the Florida Real Estate Commission. The commission shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

What is the Florida real estate law exam?

The exam tests knowledge of Florida real estate license law, statutes and administrative rules. The exam is the same for salespersons and brokers. A score of 75%, or at least 30 out of 40 questions correct is required to pass.

What are the duties of the real estate Commissioner?

The Commissioner’s Role

In enforcing the provisions of the Real Estate Law, the Commissioner has authority, if supported by the evidence, to hold formal hearings to decide issues involving a licensee or a license applicant. Such hearings may result in the suspension, revocation, or denial of a real estate license.

What is the real estate commissioner not responsible for?

Only the Commissioner—not the courts—can restrict, suspend, or revoke a real estate license. A complaint that involves simple disputes or minor issues between consumers and licensees is usually handled by the Advocacy Program as an alternative to setting up formal investigations.

Do appraisers need a real estate license?

In order to become a Licensed Residential Appraiser, and earn the right to do appraisals on your own, most states require you to become a Trainee Appraiser and obtain experience. … Some states do not have a formal Trainee Appraiser license level.

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