Question: How do I file a complaint against a rental property?

How do I make a complaint about my landlord?

I am writing to make a formal complaint about:

  1. Summarise the original problem. Be as clear as you can. It is best to make it short and to the point.
  2. Explain why you are dissatisfied (list what you think wasn’t done properly when the landlord responded)
  3. Explain what impact this has had on you.

Who do I contact about landlord issues?

HUD calls this a double crime: one against both tenants and taxpayers. To report a bad landlord to the Multifamily Housing Complaint Line call toll-free at (800) MULTI-70 (800) 685-8470) / TTY (800) 432-2209.

How do I fight a bad landlord?

7 Steps for Fighting – and Beating – a Bad Landlord

  1. Start a written record. The problems with my landlord started almost immediately after I moved in.
  2. Check your lease agreement. …
  3. Send written requests. …
  4. Decide if you have a case. …
  5. Seek legal assistance. …
  6. File a civil lawsuit. …
  7. Fight discrimination.

Can you sue a landlord for emotional distress?

If a landlord causes you severe emotional distress that does not result in physical harm, you can recover for this purely emotional injury if your landlord’s actions were reckless or intentional. The money damages may be doubled or tripled if you also claim that the action was an unfair or deceptive practice.

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What can I do if my landlord refuses to fix things?

Options If Your Landlord Refuses to Make Repairs

  1. Withhold Rent. One way to get your landlord to fix bad conditions is to withhold all or some of your rent until the landlord actually makes the repairs. …
  2. Repair and Deduct. …
  3. Organize. …
  4. Break Your Lease. …
  5. Go to Court.

What a landlord Cannot do?

A landlord cannot evict a tenant without an adequately obtained eviction notice and sufficient time. A landlord cannot retaliate against a tenant for a complaint. A landlord cannot forego completing necessary repairs or force a tenant to do their own repairs. … A landlord cannot remove a tenant’s personal belongings.

What are fair housing violations?

Housing providers who refuse to rent or sell homes to people based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability are violating federal law, and HUD will vigorously pursue enforcement actions against them.

What is considered harassment by a landlord?

What is Landlord Harassment? Landlord harassment is when the landlord creates conditions that are designed to encourage the tenant to break the lease agreement or otherwise abandon the rental property that he or she is currently occupying.

What is considered uninhabitable living situations for a tenant?

Uninhabitable conditions can include dangerous ones, such as holes in the floor, unsafe or exposed wiring, or non-working air conditioning in dangerously hot summer months. Gross infestations of roaches, fleas or other pests are also uninhabitable conditions.