What is the property tax rate in Fairfax County?

What is the tax rate for Fairfax VA?

Virginia has a 4.3% sales tax and Fairfax County collects an additional 1%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Fairfax County is 5.3% (not including any city or special district taxes).

How much is personal property tax in Fairfax County VA?

Tax Rates. The current tax rate for most personal property in Fairfax County is $4.57 for each $100 of assessed value.

What is the property tax rate in Northern Virginia?

Rates are for FY 2020-2021. All rates are per $100 of assessed value.

Effective July 1, 2020.

City of Alexandria $1.13
Fairfax County $1.15 + $0.125 for commercial properties
City of Falls Church $1.355
Town of Herndon $0.265 + Fairfax County tax
Loudoun County $1.045

Is there a Fairfax County income tax?

Fairfax County has a fair and competitive tax structure and a strong commercial tax base that helps support a high quality of life. … The Commonwealth of Virginia has not raised its 6 percent corporate income tax rate since 1972.

How much is VA property tax on cars?

The tax rate for most vehicles is $4.57 per $100 of assessed value. For properties included in a special subclass, the tax rate is $0.01 per $100 of assessed value. This special subclass includes the following: privately-owned vans used for van pools.

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Does Virginia have property tax on vehicles?

Virginia is a personal property tax state where owners of vehicles and leased vehicles are subject to an annual tax based on the value of the vehicle on January 1.

How much is property tax in VA?

With an average effective property tax rate of 0.80%, Virginia property taxes come in well below the national average of 1.07%. Since home values in many parts of Virginia are very high, though, Virginia homeowners still pay around the national median when it comes to actual property tax payments.