What does EOB mean in real estate?

What does EOB stand for in mortgage terms?

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. This is a document we send you to let you know a claim has been processed.

What does EOB stand for in construction?

Executive Office Building (next to White House) EOB.

What does EOB today mean?

It stands for End Of Business. They are talking about the end of the business day, typically 5-6 o’clock in their timezone. See a translation. 2 likes.

How do you interpret EOB benefits?

How do I read an EOB?

  1. The name of the person who received services (you or a family member your plan covers)
  2. The claim number, group name and number, and patient ID.
  3. The doctor, hospital or other health care professional that provided services.
  4. Dates of services and the charges.

How do I get an EOB?

A health care provider will bill your insurance company after you’ve received your care. Then you’ll receive an EOB. Later, you may receive a separate bill for the amount you may owe. This bill will include instructions on who to direct the payment to–either a health care provider or your health insurance company.

What is a Medicare EOB?

Each month you fill a prescription, your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan mails you an “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB). This notice gives you a summary of your prescription drug claims and costs.

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What is COB day?

What is COB? COB is an acronym that stands for “close of business” that professional organizations use when referring to the end of the business day. Many professionals base COB hours on times that businesses traditionally close in the United States, which is typically 5 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What does EOD mean in text?

End of Discussion

The abbreviation EOD is typically used to indicate that as far as the sender is concerned the discussion is over.

What does COP mean in slang?

Definition of cop (Entry 2 of 4) transitive verb. 1 slang : to get hold of : catch, capture also : purchase. 2 slang : steal, swipe.