How much does a licensed real estate appraiser make in Texas?

How much does a certified residential appraiser make in Texas?

The average Appraiser (Residential Real Estate) salary in Texas is $54,910 as of September 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $45,242 and $63,458.

Can you make good money as a real estate appraiser?

The average income for home appraisers is $60,040 as of 2020, according to PayScale, although a certified residential real estate appraiser may earn $100,000 or more, as they become more experienced. … 2 An appraiser’s salary is highly dependent on the appraiser’s level of experience and licensing.

Do you need a degree to be a real estate appraiser in Texas?

Texas Appraisal: Licensed Residential

Residential Report Writing and Case Studies – 15 hours. Experience: 1,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in not less than 6 months. College Education: No college-level education required.

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Is it worth it to become a real estate appraiser?

Real estate appraising can be a rewarding profession. If you are a field appraiser like many appraisers, you have the opportunity to own your own business, even from a home office. Your income is fee based, so getting paid is never dependent on the successful closing of a loan.

How much do commercial appraisers make in Texas?

How much does an Appraiser (Commercial Real Estate) make in Texas? The average Appraiser (Commercial Real Estate) salary in Texas is $102,955 as of September 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $88,552 and $118,104.

How much money does a real estate agent make in Texas?

How Much do Texas Real Estate Agents Make on Average? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of real estate agents in Texas is a respectable $72,830 (as of May 2019).

Are real estate appraisers in demand?

A career as a real estate appraiser provides opportunities to meet new people, see unique locations, and step out from the confines of a desk while making your own hours. … According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, real estate appraisers are projected to experience an estimated 14% growth from 2016 through 2026.

How long does it take to become real estate appraiser?


Level Hours of Experience Required
Licensed Residential 1,000 hours in no fewer than 6 months
Certified Residential 1,500 hours in no fewer than 12 months
Certified General 3,000 hours in no fewer than 18 months, of which 1,500 hours must be non-residential appraisal work.
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Do appraisers work for themselves?

Most appraisers are self-employed. Therefore, there are more certified appraiser than there are trainees. Your Certified Appraiser (the one training you) must approve your 2,000 hours of work, which includes the quality of your work and your work ethic.

What are the requirements to become an appraiser?

How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser

  • Get a Trainee License by Completing Coursework. …
  • Complete Appraiser Fieldwork Experience Hours. …
  • Pass Your State’s Appraiser Licensing Exam. …
  • Submit Your Appraiser License Application. …
  • Find Work as a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser. …
  • Upgrade Your License.

Do appraiser trainees get paid?

Beginning appraisers are called appraiser trainees. They usually work part-time and are paid per appraisal. Appraiser trainees often make between $50 and $150 per appraisal, earning more with increasing experience and expertise. … On average, they earn approximately $10,000 more per year than licensed appraisers.

How much does it cost to become an appraiser in Texas?

No matter which appraisal program you go with, it will easily cost over $1,000 for the full 154 hours of required education.

Which is better real estate agent or appraiser?

Ultimately, while real estate agents can offer a valuable perspective on a given property’s purported value, only the appraiser can provide an official appraisal. Sellers may be satisfied to work solely with a real estate agent, but most buyers eventually hire both an agent and a separate appraiser.

Will Real Estate Appraisers become obsolete?

Every year, for the past eight years, the number of active real estate appraisers has declined. The Appraisal Institute (AI) estimates that the number of appraisal professionals is currently shrinking at three percent a year and warns that sharper declines may be on the horizon as appraisers begin retiring en masse.

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Is being an appraiser fun?

Your task as an appraiser is inherently interesting. You are challenged most days to solve difficult, but not insurmountable, valuation problems in rational and logical ways. … All that aside, it is strangely satisfying to be complimented (sometimes,) for being “right.” Remember, appraisers get paid for their opinions.