How long is the Arkansas real estate exam?

How hard is the Arkansas real estate exam?

As noted by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission (AREC), you need a score of (70) to pass this exam. Nearly half of all applicants fail the test. Fortunately, you can pass on your very first attempt. With our real estate test guides, students pass official licensure exams more than 95 percent of the time.

How long is the real estate exam in Arkansas?

The time allowed to complete the Arkansas Real Estate salesperson exam is 4 hours. The state specific part of the Arkansas Real Estate Salesperson Exam is comprised of 30 questions. An examinee must answer 21 questions correctly to pass (70% correct).

How long do you have to take the real estate exam after course in Arkansas?

Applicants have three (3) years to pass the state exam after completing the pre-licensing course. If you miss the deadline, you must retake the course. AREC accepts applications for the Real Estate License Examination prior to completion of the sixty-hour (60) pre-licensing course.

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What is the hardest state to get a real estate license?

Hardest States to get a Real Estate License

Of all states, Colorado and Texas come on top as the hardest in terms of granting a real estate license. Each of the states requires some education and a test, which you must pass before being issued with a real estate license.

How much does it cost to take the Arkansas real estate exam?

The Arkansas real estate exam will cost students $75. There are other fees associated with licensing, but you can expect the test alone to cost this much.

What’s the difference between real estate agent and broker?

Real estate agents have a professional license to help people buy, sell, and rent real estate. … Brokers are real estate agents who have completed additional training and licensing requirements. They can work independently and hire other real estate agents to work for them.

Can a felon get a real estate license in Arkansas?

Background check information:

Arkansas Real Estate Commission is charged with the duty of protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare. Prior to January 1, 2020, Arkansas law has prohibited AREC from issuing a license to anyone convicted of a felony or other certain crimes considered a danger to the public.

How do Realtors get paid?

Many real estate agents are paid a weekly wage, which builds up between sales. They don’t earn any of their commission until it exceeds what they’ve earned in payments – kind of like a ‘wage debt’.

How long does it take to become a resident of Arkansas?

If a person has a permanent residence or a dwelling place in Arkansas and intends to return to it after leaving or if a person spends more than six months of the taxable year in Arkansas, they are considered an Arkansas resident for state tax purposes.

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