Does Realtor own Opcity?

Is Opcity and realtor com the same thing?

Opcity introduced a revolutionary way to connect ready homebuyers and sellers to the right real estate professionals at the right time.

Does Opcity own realtor com?

Opcity continued to grow until it was acquired in August 2018 by a subsidy of News Corp for $210 million. Today, Opcity operates under the brand and continues to be absorbed into the business. … The team has also rebranded it as ReadyConnect Concierge℠ for agents.

Is Opcity free?

FAQs About Opcity

Opcity real estate leads cost nothing up front. Once you sign up with the company, they will start sending your qualified leads and it’s only when you close a transaction that you will have to pay. The fee is typically 30-35% of your commission.

Is Opcity a brokerage? ReadyConnect (Opcity) is a broker-to-broker collusion scheme, where all real estate agents agree to pay massive kickbacks to receive your information.

How reliable is realtor com?

Affiliated with the National Association of Realtors and linked to over 580 regional Multiple Listing Services, listings are the closest to the gold standard, the MLS, which is updated regularly by realtors. For this reason, is our pick for most accurate real estate website.

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Are Opcity leads worth it?

A big revenue opportunity

If we assume Opcity’s 4% lead conversation rate (between 3x-5x the industry norm of 1%) and a 30% referral fee, those 17 million leads are worth $1.4 billion in revenue to Zillow (about 50% higher than the ~ $930 million in current premier agent revenues today).

How much is the referral fee?

Agencies typically pay referral fees of 5% to 10% of the revenue they receive—but there’s plenty of nuance on how you handle it, and many agencies pay 0% in referral fees. You’ll want to get advice from your lawyer on specific language, and your accountant on how to handle the money.

Does Keller Williams provide leads?

9 answers. Keller williams does not do any lead generation for agents. You must lead generate on your own. … There are several programs, continuing education, help with new computer programs, lead generation assistance, and all who work with the agency whether licensed agent or not.

Is Crye Leike good for new agents?

Crye-Leike is an excellent place for new and seasoned agents/brokers. They have excellent training programs and mentorship programs available. I have been here for 5 years and don’t plan on leaving any tine soon. The principal broker in NLR is great and always helpful.

How do I cancel Opcity?

To opt-out of the ReadyConnect Concierge program (formerly Opcity), please contact our support team. You can also call Agent Success 844-804-1849 to disable the account. Once we receive your request to opt out of the program, we will disable your account and you will no longer receive new lead alerts.

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How do you release a lead in Opcity?

Tap the “Release” button on the middle of the screen. Select a reason for releasing the lead. Provide any additional information about why you are releasing this client (optional) Hit ‘Release Lead to Opcity’ to finalize the release.

How do I contact Opcity?

For all agent account adjustments (including agent transfers) and technical matters reach out to ReadyConnect Concierge’s support team by submitting a ticket to Contact Customer Care or call their team at 833.200. 0101.

Is clever real estate legitimate?

Clever Real Estate is a legitimate real estate brokerage. Clever essentially serves as a referral company, connecting home buyers and sellers to agents in their area. Participating listing agents have to agree to Clever’s commission terms (1% listing fee for properties over $350,000).

What is Opcity referral?

Opcity realty is a relatively new lead referral service a part of The service has proven to provide leads that convert to clients 3-5 times more often than the industry average, which is pretty impressive. While that statistic may catch your eye, the cost of their referrals may not be as appealing.

How do I set up Opcity?

It just takes a few simple steps.

  1. Open your ReadyConnect Concierge (formerly Opcity) mobile app and tap the Inbox icon in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  2. Tap “Get set up” on the Inbox welcome screen.
  3. We’ll send a confirmation text to your mobile number.
  4. Reply with “CONFIRM” to complete your setup.