Can I take the NJ real estate exam online?

Can I take my real estate license test online?

Take your Florida Real Estate exam conveniently from home through OnVUE online proctoring. A live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation to provide a secure exam experience.

How do I take the real estate exam in NJ?

For salespersons:

  1. Proof of age 18 and above.
  2. Proof of completion of 75 hours pre license education.
  3. Complete and pass the real estate examination.
  4. Go through a fingerprinting process.
  5. Register and apply.
  6. You must submit a cashier’s check, money order, or broker’s business account check with the licensing fee.

Where can I register for the NJ real estate exam?

Go to or call 1-800-733-9267 to register and schedule for your examination. For the fastest and most convenient test scheduling process, PSI recommends that candidates register for their exams using the Internet.

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When can I take the NJ real estate exam?

“This is an upgrade that will benefit New Jersey’s real estate licensees and real estate license candidates across the state at an important time, and into the future.” License seekers will have the option to take license examinations remotely or in person beginning on September 21, 2020.

Which states have the hardest real estate exams?

Colorado and Texas lead the way with the most difficult licensing requirements in the United States.

Is the NJ real estate exam difficult?

The passing rate for the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Exam is 70%. This test is purposefully difficult, but not impossible. Be sure to pay attention during your pre-license course and take studying seriously. If you put the proper effort forth, we know that you can pass on your first attempt!

How many times can you take the real estate exam in NJ?

You are allowed three attempts to pass both the national and state law portions of the exam. If you do not both portions after three attempts, you must take 30 or 60 hours of additional education in order to retake the licensing exam.

Is the NJ real estate exam open book?

The New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson exams are taken by computer. The exam is closed book. You are permitted to bring a simple functioning calculator since 10% of the exam questions might involve math. The exam is scored immediately after finishing the exam.

How much does it cost to take the NJ real estate exam?

In order to get your New Jersey real estate license, you will have to pay an exam fee of $45, a fingerprinting fee of $66.05, and a salesperson fee of $160.

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How much does a part time real estate agent make in NJ?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $105,972 and as low as $16,707, the majority of Part Time Real Estate Agent salaries currently range between $28,641 (25th percentile) to $76,376 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $95,470 annually in New Jersey.

How much money do real estate agents make in NJ?

The average salary for a real estate agent in New Jersey is around $51,400 per year.

How long does it take to get a real estate license in NJ?

Depending upon the volume of work pending at the time of the Commission’s receipt of it, the processing of a complete and correct application related to a salesperson or broker/salesperson license may take from two to four weeks.

Is the NJ real estate exam multiple choice?

All questions are multiple choice format with four answer choices provided for each question. Test takers are allotted 4 hours to complete each test. A score of at least 70% (77 correct out of 110) is required to pass.

How much is the real estate license exam?

Real estate examination and licensing fees

Your real estate license application fee will generally cost around $25. You will also have to pay for fingerprinting and a background check. These will cost about $100 altogether. The actual state exam fee will vary, but it is generally less than $50.